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We especially need help before AND after Maple Syrup Days. Collecting/cutting firewood, collecting sap, and cleaning buckets and equipment after the syrup season is complete.  The longer it takes for syrup season cleanup, the longer it takes for archery targets to be placed at Pine Knob Park!

We can always use help for special events, clearing trails after a storm, collecting sap in the spring, etc.  Please consider sharing your time and talents to help the Parks Dept.

Become a member of Friends of LaGrange County Parks. Friends Application.

  • Memorial Donations - We have always been grateful to receive monetary donations in memory of a loved one.  You may specify a project/event listed below "Monetary Donations" if desired.

       Memorial Bench

Property Donations

Do you have, or have you inherited, a property that would be suitable as a LaGrange County Park? Or, maybe you have a property that you could leave to the Parks Department through a will. This is how our Parks Department began, with property donated for public use and enjoyment!  

Contact the Park Office with questions or for more information.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations may be shared at any time!  Every donation is appreciated, whether a small donation or a business donation, it all adds up to success. You are welcome to specify a current project or event that you would like to support. Otherwise, all donations are used toward priority projects.    

Here is a list of 2024 events and projects, in no particular order, that we are saving for now!

  • "LaGrange County Connecting with Youth" Event -- This event takes place each summer at Delt Church Park. This is an opportunity to forge positive interactive relations between our community youth and local law enforcement. We need door prizes suitable for youth in grades 6-12!  Both monetary donations and/or item donations are accepted. 
  • Trail Maintenance -- This is an ongoing mission to maintain the quality of trail surfaces for nearly 10 miles of trails and boardwalks.  Limestone is needed to topcoat thinning areas.  Boardwalk repair is needed as lumber deteriorates.   
  • Not So Spooky Event at Maple Wood Nature Center -- This has become a fall family favorite event!  Financial support is requested to fund the wagon rides through the woods and to purchase/create permanent props that are placed along the trail for this event.  Estimate $1,000.
  • Playground Equipment --  Delt Church Park Playground is always in need of funds to pay for equipment replacement.   Dallas Lake Park needs a new accessible playground.  Estimate $500,000.

Donations may be mailed to the park office or given online HERE.  Under "Purpose of Payment", enter "Donation" and, if desired, enter a specific project or event.  A receipt will be issued.

Park Hours

  • Summer Hours: May 1-Labor Day   8:00 am-9:00 pm.   
  • Winter Hours: Labor Day-April 30   8:00 am- Legal Sunset.
  • Park Office: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-12:00 noon, and 12:30 pm-3:30 pm.

Park and Facility Rules

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