Property Transfers

All property transfers can only be processed with a prepared legal document.  It is recommended to seek appropriate legal counsel when conveying or making any title changes to a property.  The Auditor's office cannot prepare nor assist in the preparation of any legal documents.  A legal description of the property is required to be on the conveyance document.  The legal description can be found on the most previous recorded deed that was used to convey the property.  The Recorder's office can provide a copy of the previous recorded deed on record (for a fee), if needed.  If the conveyance document meets all legal requirements for a property transfer, The Auditor's office will transfer the property in the County's property transfer books and tax software system.  The Auditor's office charges $10 per parcel.  Once the property has successfully been transferred, the legal document is sent to the Recorder's office for recording.  The Recorder's office charges their own recording fee (Please contact the LaGrange County Recorder's Office for questions regarding recording fees). A sales disclosure may also be required.  The cost for each required sales disclosure is $20.  Some transfers may require more than one sales disclosure.  Some transfers may be exempt from the sales disclosure fee.  Even though the Auditor's office collects all sales disclosure fees, it is the Assessor's office that determines if a sales disclosure is required and if so, how many and what the total cost will be. 

Property transfer fees collected by the Auditor's office

  • $10 per parcel
  • $20 per sales disclosure