Drainage Board

Mission Statement

The mission of the LaGrange County Drainage Board is to maintain and repair county drains/tiles in compliance with State and County laws and professional drainage standards; to work so that all drains/tiles are adequately functioning; all while working with the public and landowners to build strong relationships.

The LaGrange County Drainage Board will consist of one County Commissioner and four citizens. The LaGrange County Surveyor will serve as ex officio as a non-voting, non-officer member of the Board. The Surveyor’s secretary serves as the Board secretary.

The following are reasons to petition the Drainage Board:

  • Reconstruction of a county regulated drain and/or tile system
  • Requesting a new county regulated drain, tile system or lateral
  • Adding a culvert/bridge to a county regulated drain
  • Construction in the right-of-way of county regulated drain/tile system
  • Less than 75’ from top of bank of an open ditch or center of tile
  • Maintenance of county regulated drain and/or tile system

Board Members

  • Ben Taylor, Chair, 2021
  • Todd Perkins, Vice Chair, 2021
  • Freeman Miller, Member, 2022
  • Eric Knepp, Member, 2022
  • Kevin Myers, Member/Commissioner
  • Samantha Emrick, Secretary

Meeting Schedule

The LaGrange County Drainage Board meets the first Tuesday of the month at 8:30 A.M. in the Commissioner’s Room, 114 W. Michigan St., LaGrange.

*Meetings are subject to change due to public hearings.*