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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Brinkman, Shannon Deputy Clerk Clerk 260-499-6371
Anders, LeAnn Chief Probation Officer Probation  
Benson, Laina Probation Officer Probation  
Boggs, Jason Building Commissioner Building 260-499-6301
Bogucki, Kassie Court Reporter Superior Court 260-499-6417
Bostain, Michelle Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Prosecuting Attorney   260-499-6324
Bowen-Slaven, Lisa M Judge Superior Court   260-499-6363
Brower, Connie J Treasurer Treasurer 260-499-6315
Brown, Jerri Administrative Assistant GIS 260-499-6345
Connelly, Allen Veterans Service Officer Veterans Service Office 260-499-6387
Cooper, Rachel Administrative Assistant (Circuit Court) Prosecuting Attorney   260-499-6324
Deal, Lori Deputy - Property Transfers/Deductions Auditor 260-499-6312
DeMott, Lisa Deputy Assessor Assessor  
DeRemer, Tammy Right-of-Way Investigator Highway 260-499-6353
DeWald, Manda Permit Coordinator Building 260-499-6377
Diaz, Estephanie Receptionist/Clerk Prosecuting Attorney   260-499-6326
Emrick, Samantha Secretary Surveyor 260-499-6306
Fairchild, Kim 1st Deputy/Office Manager Assessor  
Finley, Abbigale Court Reporter Circuit Court 260-499-6358
Fisher, Vicki Voter Registration Clerk 260-499-6392
Fleck, Annie Victims Advocate Prosecuting Attorney   260-499-6331
Franke, Martin District Manager Soil & Water Conservation District 260-463-3166 x 3
Franke, Mary Director of Parks Department of Parks & Recreation 260-854-2225
Freeman, Andrea Court Reporter Superior Court 260-499-6396
Fry, Trevor Deputy Coroner     260-336-8822
Staff 1-25 of 86