Follow the link below for a news realease from the Health Department about 1st positive case in LaGrange County.

LaGrange 1st positive cases COVID 19



Follow the link below for the Public Health Leave Ordinance issued 3/23/2020

Public Health Leave Ordinance


Follow the link below for the Covid-19 Response Ordinance issued 3/23/2020

COVID 19 Response Ordinance


Follow the link below for the statement from the Board of Commissioners 3/23/2020

Board of Commissioners statement 3 23 2020



Follow the link below for a press release from LaGrange County Courts issued on 3/16/2020

LaGrange County Courts Information


Follow the link below for information from Robbie Miller, Planning and Zoning Administrator

Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission Meetings


Follow the link below for the Proclamation declaring emergency in LaGrange County, Indiana concerning the spread of coronavirus

Coronavirus Emergency Proclamation








Travel Advisories and Emergency Declarations

Travel Advisories: The Travel Advisory System was developed by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to be a State wide system that would help reduce confusion when traveling from county to county. Counties do their best to apply the advisory levels uniformly based on the following descriptions:
Caution: Conditions may develop that limit or hinder travel in isolated areas – no travel restrictions
Advisory: Routine travel or activities may be restricted in areas. Use caution or avoid areas.
Watch: Conditions threatening to safety of the public exist. Only essential travel is recommended (i.e. to and from work, emergency situations)
Warning: Travel may be restricted to emergency personnel. Citizens are directed to refrain from travel.
The Travel Advisory map can be found at: CLICK HERE.
None of the above instructs a business to close. Many businesses provide essential services and may need to remain open. Your place of employment will inform you of their policies for each advisory level.
Emergency Declarations:
Emergency Declarations are issued by chief elected officials, (County Commissioners or Town Board Presidents), if conditions are such that the County’s or Town’s resources are limited and services cannot be provided for as they are normally. An example would be roads closed due to blowing and drifting snow.
Again, an Emergency Declaration does not close businesses. However, as an example, the county may not be able to keep the roads open for safe travel. Follow your place of employment’s policies for such circumstances. Issuance of an Emergency Declaration will be announced on local radio and posted on the county website as soon as possible. Specific information will be contained within the declaration.