LaGrange County Treasurer

Jamesi Lemon
LaGrange County Treasurer
114 W Michigan St., Ste 4
LaGrange, In 46761
Phone: 260-499-6315
Fax: 260-499-6401
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Description / Purpose
•To collect, retain custody of, and disburse County funds.

Services Provided
•Annually send and collect all personal and real property taxes
•Process mobile home transfer and or moving permits
•Collect inheritance tax
•Invest County funds
•Alcoholic beverage permits
•Conduct annual delinquent tax sale

Information Available
•County tax records

We have a drop box available for after hour convenience. PayGOV processes our credit card payments. These are just a couple of new services we have implemented in striving to be more accessible and accommodating to the taxpayers of Lagrange County while, at the same time, enforcing the State Statues which apply to the office of Treasurer.